Letter to François, 5 years old, future entrepreneur

I like to write to this young man on the occasion.e.

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be my boss. Why?

I don't know, my grandfather was an entrepreneur, my father was an entrepreneur, but we didn't really talk about it..

I followed my father when he went to buy his stock from his supplier..

5, 10 and 15 cent bébelles made in Taiwan. I was always a little traumatized, because the man always asked my father how old his daughter was!e !

The girl was mei  and besides, this man asked me what I wanted to do later.

I was 5 years old and I already knew it..

I always replied: like my father! The reality was, I didn't really know what my father was doing, but I was traumatized to answer so it was the easiest answer.ile.

But in 1972, you were unionized or your own boss! No matter how young I was, but I saw the happy and flabbergasted entrepreneurs and the friends of my parents who were unionized and who came to take a case of beer with us constantly crying.t.

« The boss ostis who steal the poor world»
« Bosses who see opportunities»

It was a half empty glass against a half full glass..

So it was in this environment that the idea of becoming a boss germinated the word entrepreneur was reserved for construction people.uction].

Then, the final click was made at the age of 8 years. The veterinarian who came to treat the sheep breathed happiness. He came with his cigar, looked after the animals and wanted to machete. With a bearing and strong voice, he said to my father: :

« How much for the little boy »

My father replied constantly: We'll talk about it later »

Heuuuuu, he wants to sell me We weren't rich so it was worryingant .

What I did remember, however, was that he looked happy and that he was leaving the farm with money.gent.

It was final! I must have been in business..

Happiness and money! Thats it.t.

Some would say: Happiness, money and women!  I'll let you handle it!

Entrepreneurship is not always rosy, far from it. Sometimes the clown no longer laughs, but entrepreneurs have the ability to quickly double a bad day as soon as a good day presents itself.nte.

One day we want to sell everything, the other day we want to grow.n.

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