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Bar Soaps for the Face: An Eco-Responsible and Effective Choice

Article Highlights
Positive environmental impact Bar soaps reduce the use of plastic, helping to preserve the oceans and the planet.
Natural ingredients and benefits for the skin Formulated with ingredients like sheep's milk and natural butters, the soaps provide hydrating and conditioning benefits.
Practicality and travel Easy to transport, especially with travel soap dishes, they eliminate the risk of leakage in luggage.
Lifespan and cost Bar soaps have a long natural shelf life and are often more economical to use.
Positive testimonials Users express high satisfaction, noting significant improvements in their skin.

For a long time, a persistent prejudice has kept us away from bar soaps for the face, favoring cleansers in the form of milk, foam or gel. However, times are changing and with them, our consumption habits. In an era where ecology takes a prominent place, reducing the use of plastic becomes essential to preserve our oceans and our planet.

More informed, consumers are now able to recognize quality ingredients without giving in to the marketing strategies of major cosmetic brands, which often offer expensive products with no real added value.

Bar soaps are making an impressive comeback in the market and their popularity is not unfounded. Take the example of facial soaps made from sheep's milk and enriched with shea, mango and cocoa butters. These products are not limited to cleansing the skin; they offer valuable additional benefits.

Benefits of Functional Soaps

Each of our soaps is designed to meet specific skin needs, going beyond simple purification. Here is an introduction to some of our flagship products:

Pine Tar Soap : Ideal for skin prone to irritation, this soap combines the soothing properties of pine tar with the nourishing effects of shea, mango and cocoa butters. It promises soft, supple and regenerated skin.

Turmeric Soap : Known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric helps reduce blemishes and even out skin tone, leaving skin radiant.

Exfoliating Soap with Sheep's Milk and Sunflower Cake : This soap offers gentle but effective exfoliation, renewing and revitalizing the skin.

Colloidal Oatmeal Soap : Perfect for soothing itching, this soap is a great ally, especially when going out into nature.

Activated Charcoal Soap : Excelling in detoxifying the skin, activated charcoal eliminates impurities and excess sebum, for clear and fresh skin.

Sheep's Milk Soap - Fragrance Free : Specially formulated for sensitive skin, this soap highlights the benefits of sheep's milk and natural butters without added perfume.

These soaps, free of chemicals and preservatives often present in liquid cleansers, should be used twice a day to maximize their beneficial effects. They are not only hydrating and soothing; they actively treat and improve the health of your skin.

Practicality and Travel

For those who are concerned about the practicality of bar soaps when traveling, there are simple solutions such as travel soap dishes, which are economical and durable, eliminating the risk of leaks in your luggage.

In conclusion, visiting a soap factory can be an excellent way to discover the ideal soap suited to your skin type. Choosing a bar soap means choosing a product that is both effective and environmentally friendly.

Comparative table of criteria for using bar soap vs. liquid cleanser

Criteria Bar Soaps Liquid Cleaners
Environmental impact Less plastic waste, often wrapped in paper or biodegradable materials. Usually packaged in plastic containers, contributing to the accumulation of plastic waste.
Lifetime Long natural shelf life, less risk of contamination due to hand use. Shelf life often extended by chemical preservatives; higher risk of contamination with each use.
Ingredients Composed mainly of natural bases and oils, without the need for chemical stabilizers. Often contain stabilizers, preservatives, and synthetic fragrances to maintain consistency and effectiveness.
Cost Typically lower cost per use, lasts longer. Initial cost may be lower, but may become more expensive in the long run due to the need to repurchase more frequently.
Efficiency Excellent cleaning capacity, with moisturizing and treating properties thanks to their natural ingredients. Variable effectiveness; some can dry the skin or cause irritation due to the chemical components.
Use and Convenience Easy to store and transport, especially with a soap dish. Can be used up to the last little piece. Convenient for quick use, but risk of leakage during transport, especially when traveling.
Personalization Easily customizable in terms of formulas and additives for different skin types. Less flexibility in customizing ingredients, often limited by the base formulation of the product.

Real testimonials received on our facial bar soaps

Type of Soap Testimonials
Turmeric Soap “Its oval shape and size fit well in the palm of the hand. It does not melt quickly. It does not leave a film on the skin. It leaves no odor. It does not foam much, a guarantee of its quality. With this soap, I have less itching after showering. I have noticed that it helps my anxiety eczema wounds heal. »

“It makes the skin soft, hydrated and great as a makeup remover . »

“I almost no longer have rosacea ! »

“I love this soap! It leaves the skin soft and reduces my rosacea . I highly recommend it. »

“Excellent product makes the skin very soft and radiant. »

“I love this soap, it leaves the skin soft and keeps the skin hydrated, no feeling of tightness. »

“I like it a lot, my skin is clean and it does n't leave any oil on my face. »
Exfoliating Soap with Sheep's Milk and Sunflower Meal “I really like the exfoliating soap with sheep's milk and sunflower meal, in addition to exfoliating well it makes the skin softer . »
Activated Charcoal Soap “I've been using it for about a year and so has my friend. We are both addicted! You feel really clean without drying out the skin. On the contrary, with use, I would say that our skin has become refined (fewer blackheads) as much for him as for me. We've tried others but we always come back to him! »

" Excellent value. Very effective for combination skin. »

"I use it for my face after removing my makeup. I feel fresher than with a toner! I recommend! Excellent product!"

“I recently washed with charcoal soap and I feel freshness on my skin . I love it!”
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