New markets

I have the chance to regularly receive new products to test them, and I decide afterwards to talk about them or not onr my page (yes, I have this freedomé 😉).

But I admit that this is the first time that two entrepreneurs have sent the same product almost at the same time! Obviously, they have differentiating elementseurs :. 

Microfiber towels!

We already used it to wash our cars and our kitchen counters, and now these are sports and beach towels! but with suede, so much softer for the skin.u).

They are more absorbent, dry more quickly and retain odors less than regular towels since they are antibacterial. They are also hyper-compact, so you can drag them everywhere, even when traveling. 

Of course, they cost a little more than ordinary towels, but once you've tasted them, you can't do without them!r!

This is why I often say that we have to do evangelism for a new product, that is to say that we must first convince the customer of the benefits of the product as such, before even convincing him to buy our brand.e marque.

So I received and used Archimhead towels, which specializes in sports towels and personalizes them to offer as a corporate gift, and Solem, which makes beach towels with an original and colorful design.ré.

You choose !

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