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Les meilleurs pays pour l’entrepreneuriat?

The best countries for entrepreneurship?

A study by CEOWORLD magazine ranks the USA as the number 1 country for entrepreneurs.

Canada has never been first in this ranking, but in 2013 we were 3rd.

In 2019, we are 20th ahead of countries such as Poland, Malaysia and Israel, and even France is ahead of us 11th with all its administrative limitations..

Wait, Estonia is also ahead of us. Besides, Estonia could also give us lessons on data protection, because they replaced their NAS with a very sophisticated digital card. But not that year .... in 1997 !!!!!

In short, we are 20th and it is shameful. Our ecosystem does not encourage entrepreneurship enough and, in 2019, a society that has very few entrepreneurs is like a village that loses its schools because there are too few children.fants.

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