Maintenant en lecture: Influencers
Francois Lambert


The status I wrote about influencerss reflects what is also happening in our companies.

Let's look at the scenario:

A business is born and the founding entrepreneur is the # 1 seller because it's his baby and his story.e.

Then he expands and decides to free himself from the obligation to sell and make cold calls. So he hires a salesperson and he stays in the office, because he is now a boss! boss »!

But wait! he forgets that what makes her grow were her talents as a salesperson and not her talents as a manager so he kills himself every day training salespeople by telling them to say this or to say that.a.

And every morning, he repeats to his salespeople:

« Don't forget to tell the story of the company!! »

How do you tell the story Us people sell a product and a price!x!

This is the link between seller and influencer!

Whether you like it or not, the entrepreneur must accept that he is his best salesman and that it will always be better to train managers so that he takes time to be the ambassador of his own company.nie.

Would you ask your neighbor to go ask the girl at the bar to see if she wants to go out with you NO!N!

On the other hand, you can ask your neighbor to be his hypocrite and to ask her in passing if she is in a relationship:)

Be the influencer for your company, but use influencers to get the message across;;)

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