Maintenant en lecture: Sugar time, why is it called that? Discover the origin of the name
Le temps des sucres, pourquoi on l'appelle ainsi ? Découvrez l'origine du nom

Sugar time, why is it called that? Discover the origin of the name

Sugaring off is a Quebec tradition much appreciated by the inhabitants of the province and tourists. Every year during the spring season, maple growers start harvesting maple sap to produce maple syrup, maple sugar, and other delicious products. This tradition is not unique to Quebec, it is also practiced in other regions of the world, such as the United States. However, harvesting maple sap is often referred to as “sugaring off”.

Origin of the appellation “Le temps des sucres”

But why is this tradition called “Sugar season” in Quebec? The origin of this name goes back to the time when the inhabitants of the region did not yet produce maple syrup. They simply harvested maple sap to drink it or turn it into sugar. At that time, the maple sap harvest was considered a time of celebration and conviviality. Locals would gather to participate in the harvest and taste fresh maple sugar on snow.

Evolution of tradition

Over the years, maple sap harvesting has become more organized and more productive. Producers have started processing water into maple syrup and other products. The festivities have also developed, with traditional meals and family activities such as taffy on the snow.

Today, sugaring off has become an annual celebration celebrated in many regions of Quebec, with maple groves opening their doors to the public for tours, tastings and activities.

Why “Sugaring off” in the United States?

In the United States, maple sap harvesting is also practiced, but it is often referred to as "sugaring off". This name comes from the term “sugar camp” which was used to designate maple sap harvesting camps. The term “sugaring off” has therefore become popular to designate the maple sap harvest period and the festivities associated with it.


Q: When is sugaring off time in Quebec?

A: The sugaring off season takes place every year during the spring season, generally from the end of February to the end of April.

Q: Can you find sugar bushes in the United States?

A: Yes, maple sap harvesting is practiced in many parts of the United States, including the Northeast and Midwest.


Sugaring off is a tradition rooted in Quebec culture and an opportunity to celebrate the beginning of spring. This tradition has evolved over the years into a popular annual celebration.

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