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repeat business

Repeat business

Repeat business is the first element that we must look at when it comes to the sustainability of a business.

Selling a product for the first time is relatively easy. Convincing the customer to buy it a second time is even more difficult.e.

Let me give you a concrete example. In the eye of the dragon, Gaétan and I had invested in the Croustipomme business. We managed to get into all the supermarkets in Quebec. People bought it ... but only once. People never bought it back. The main reason, they didn't feel like they were getting their money's worth ... with good reason. Our cost price was too high and we had to sell the product at too high a price. The client did not believe he was getting his money's worth. After the first purchase, he was not confident in the product.

We eventually shut down the business.

Take another example:UNDZ. Customers who are not yet familiar with the product will be more hesitant in their purchase, but once they try them, they buy a large quantity. Because underwear is super comfortable and stylish while being affordable.

You are never sure when you do not know a product then you may hesitate to buy a product. But once purchased, customers come back, and this is the most interesting data to monitor.

Aside from the price and the quality of the product, there is only one thing that keeps a customer coming back: TRUST!

A client only comes back, because he trusts us, he trusts us, because there is a link that has been established.

In the online sales service, confidence is established with the speed of delivery. We are always worried when ordering .. will it be delivered?

And never forget that you can trust confidence. Trust belongs to the customer, he can take it back at any time and entrust it to your competitor.

Since I opened my online store, several of you have ordered 2.3 or even 6x and that's great to see.

There are also, among you, who bicker me in private, because they find my offers too good ;-).

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