This bug difficult to understand.

Advertising is easy! You pay, and we'll see..

Marketing is the art of convincing another person to buy our

In the history of maple syrup, you had little choice before. Either you buy a cane from the supermarket or 1 gallon from your favorite maple grower.ri.

I remember in 2009, the plumber who worked on the construction of the cabin wanted to be the first to machine a gallon..

Huh 8 rods suddenly I refused I sold him 4. Calm down, man, I want to sell to several customers.ents.

Then I understood that this is how it works. But hey, I don't like to do like everyone

It is my pleasure to sell you a gallon, I can even sell you 20. But for me, maple is eaten in different ways, and that's what I wanted you to discover with the maple box.ble.

The maple box, I wanted it official, with its own logo. In this box, there are all the products I sell: syrup, cotton candy, maple butter, sugarloaf, sugar, hickeys and meringues..

But launching a new product involves making upstream investments in the hope that customers will get on board.

So I eI spoke, then it worked. Some chose subscription mode, others by the piece, then it came out at a good pace, but not as much as I wanted..

But marketing is also the art of repeating. So that's what I did for months and 2 weeks ago, it went crazy! Dozens and dozens of boxes per day began to be ordered.dées.

Marketing is the art of patience!e!

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