Maintenant en lecture: The perfect marriage: The best drinks to taste with your spicy popcorns 🍿🍺🍹
Le mariage parfait : Les meilleures boissons à déguster avec vos popcorns épicés 🍿🍺🍹

The perfect marriage: The best drinks to taste with your spicy popcorns 🍿🍺🍹

🍿👀 Looking for a tasty snack that's also healthier? Spicy popcorn is a healthy and delicious alternative to potato chips.

Popcorn is naturally gluten-free and contains fiber, essential vitamins and minerals. Plus, unlike chips, our spicy popcorns 🍁🌶️ don't contain refined sugar. Here are the ingredients that make them up: popcorn, maple syrup, coconut oil, seasonings, colorings, soy lecithin.

Add to that a well-chosen drink, and you have a balanced and satisfying snack.

In this article, we'll explore the best drink combinations to enjoy with your spicy popcorn to maximize flavor and taste pleasure. 🍺🍹

🍺 Blonde beer: The perfect balance of sweetness and spices 🔥

Blonde beer is an excellent choice to accompany maple and sriracha popcorn. The sweet malty notes of the beer perfectly balance the spicy heat of the popcorns. If you're looking for a drink that will refresh you while showcasing the flavors of your spicy popcorns, lager is the perfect choice.

🍺 Dark beer: Rich and delicious notes of caramel and malt 🍿

If you prefer a richer drink to go with your spicy popcorn, dark beer is a great choice. The notes of caramel and toasted malt go well with the maple popcorn and pica pica spices. For a deeper and richer taste experience, dark beer is the ideal drink.

🍺 White beer: A touch of citrus to balance the heat 🔥

White beer, also known as wheat beer, has citrus and coriander notes. This light and refreshing drink pairs well with maple and sriracha popcorn, as the citrus notes balance out the spicy heat of the popcorn.

🍺 Black beer: Bold notes of chocolate and roasting 🍫

Dark beers often have hints of chocolate, coffee and roasting. These flavors pair well with maple and pica pica spice popcorns, which have a hint of heat. Dark beer adds a rich, bold flavor to this combination.

🥃 Strong alcohol: Whiskey or bourbon to accompany spicy popcorn 🥃

If you are a spirits lover, you can opt for a whiskey or a bourbon to accompany your spicy popcorns. The woody and smoky flavors of the whiskey complement the maple and sriracha popcorns well, while the sweetness of the bourbon pairs well with the maple and pica pica spice popcorns.

🥤 Non-alcoholic drink: Refresh yourself with a touch of freshness thanks to sparkling water or ginger ale.

If you're looking for a sweeter option, try a sparkling fruit juice to accompany your spicy popcorn. 🥤


In short, spicy popcorn can be accompanied by different drinks to create a more interesting taste experience. Whether you prefer a light and refreshing beer, a soft drink or a stronger spirit, there is a drink for every palate. Try different combinations to discover your preferences and feel free to be bold with your choices.

Spicy popcorn is a versatile snack that can be enjoyed in many ways, and the right drinks can really take it to the next level. We hope these drink suggestions have inspired you to explore new flavors and get the most out of your favorite spicy popcorns.

Good tasting !

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