Maintenant en lecture: The life cycle ... (entrepreneurial)
Le cycle de la vie... (entrepreneuriale)

The life cycle ... (entrepreneurial)

An entrepreneur does not create jobs. An entrepreneur serves clients.

The customer, by his purchasing power, decides which company to the detriment of another will have the most

How can the customer decide? Because you offer a better product at comparable cost and above all better service..

In order for the customer to be well served, there must be happy and fulfilled employees. These employees, through their competence and enthusiasm, will provide good service.

The happy customer becomes an ambassador for the company and tells everyone how well he is served by this company..

Then other clients come in and the entrepreneur has to hire.r.

The customer is the sole master on board a business. He is the only one who can fire an employee or even shut down a business by spending his money elsewhere..

An employee is not an expense, but a source of income. He must be an ambassador..

A customer is an ambassador for your product, he has chosen you.).

An employer is the facilitator between the employee and the customer..

When one of the links is too weak, the business dies..

This is the entrepreneurial life cycle. 

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