Maintenant en lecture: Entrepreneurial naivety!
La naïveté entrepreneuriale !

Entrepreneurial naivety!

Entrepreneurial naivety!
You have to be naive to want to start a business!
« In 3 months, I will be rich!»
We all think that our products or our company are going to be an instant success. Well it's more complex than that.
A business can be successful in less than 3 years, but the normal cycle is that for 3 years you invest everything you have. Between 3 and 5 years, you start to be able to pay yourself a salary (a salary according to what is available in the account) after 5 years, either you close or you leave for glory.
But who would go into business if everyone knew it was going to take 7 years??
The naive ones!
For products inside the company, it is a little different. You talk about your product almost every day and at some point, after 18 months, someone says to you: Hey, you make soaps, I didn't knows »
The only difference between the 55-year-old entrepreneur that I am versus the 30-year-old entrepreneur that I was when I started is that I have nothing to prove that I want to succeed at all costs quickly.
I know that we have to work every day and that there will be ups and a lot of downs and that 7 years later, I will say this:
« I went through!»
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