The hardest thing in entrepreneurship

The hardest thing in entrepreneurship?

Well, everything is difficult, I have not written a book with this title for nothing..

But the most difficult of all It happens the second before becoming an entrepreneurr…

It's to dive in and say to yourself: that's it, I'm an entrepreneur!! »

It can take a lifetime to make this move!»!

Why Because we are going into the unknown, because there will be no one to go and see when everything is going wrong.ller.

Because we know that it will take years so we live in denial by saying that in 3 months, the private jet will be waiting for us to leave for the Maldives islandss .

Some will give up because there are too many obstacles, some will persevere for nothing and others will make it a lifestyle and will be successful.s.

The recipe for success is however very simple, but little respected.

Yes, listening to our customers is essential even if the customer is not always right, he is righton .

But the most important thing for success, regardless of the size of the business, is to reconcile the expense with the income..

This blunder everyone makes it. We invest in infrastructure while income is still far away. Or we say that the income will eventually come in so we spend.

Then comes the cash flow problem…

This blunder, I have not done it often in my career, I spend or invest only when I have proven that I can have recurring income. That's why you see me often in my garageage .

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