Maintenant en lecture: The entrepreneur, that lazy being!
L’entrepreneur, cet être paresseux!

The entrepreneur, that lazy being!

Well yes, we are all a little lazy.

Working tirelessly takes away the mental alertness we need to be successful in business. And since the entrepreneur is a lazy person looking to simplify his life, he needs to work smart.

Since we're lazy, we don't want to do the same thing ten times.

The entrepreneur always tries to shorten the distance between point A and point B. As soon as this goal is reached, he looks at point C to connect it with point D.

I like to solve problems, but quickly. If, as an entrepreneur, we delegate badly, we will have to work all the time.

How many entrepreneurs say they don't have time to make sales because they have to do bookkeeping?

Delegate my man, delegate!

And if after all that you are still working 20 hours a day, maybe you are working extra hard to go faster.

This situation must be temporary!

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