Maintenant en lecture: The entrepreneur, this bipolar lazy
L’entrepreneur, ce paresseux bipolaire

The entrepreneur, this bipolar lazy

Yep, a whole description of this GREAT BEING, job creator!

An entrepreneur doesn't necessarily work hard either. He takes hours, but he doesn't work hard. The Mexican farmer in the field works hard. The farmer in Quebec takes hours.s.

At the gym, I work hard it lasts 1 hour!!

Yes the entrepreneur is lazy, but that doesn't mean he is lazy. On the contrary, it is lazy in the sense that it constantly seeks to reduce the gap between point A and point B.

I work for hours at my business for several reasons.

The first is to master each of the stages in order to improve them for later transfer.

We still need to find resources to transfer the recipe ...

And the 2nd Lack of manpower..

I am constantly looking to improve processes so that my company is profitable.

This is kind of what people on the left do not understand. A successful entrepreneur is not the one who exploits his employees the most. He is the one who managed to reduce the gap between point A and point B.

This is called the entrepreneurial recipe.

And in this process of constant improvement, there are times of ups and downs.

As I often repeat, one day you buy your competitor at a high price, the next day you call him to give him your business.

It's normal !

There is always going to be a gap between point A and point B. One entrepreneur will narrow it down and another will use this new recipe to improve it even more.

The entrepreneur is not an inventor, he is a strategic lazy .

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