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L’argent ne sera jamais assez

Money will never be enough

In 1990, I just took a big step forward in my career: after 9 months as a data entry clerk at Statistics Canada, I became a financial analyst.

I was living in Hull at the time and had finished my studies to be a financial analyst.

I am inexperienced, I am not female, I am not Aboriginal, I am not a visible minority and I do not have a disability.

My chances of getting a job with the federal government in my field are almost mission impossible.

I see a position as a data entry clerk, so I apply.

I pass the interview and get the job. Who wants to do data entry like a full-time robot It looks like no one wanted to do this job..

Me neither, but I wanted to get a foot in the gear and eventually see the positions posted.

In the long run, I knew I wanted to go into business, but in the meantime I had to work while I found my idea of the century.e.

The idea that will make me say: fuck everything, I'm going into business! »

Because to start a business, you have to say this sentence.

Starting a business is a bit like counting to 3 when you want to warn children.

1, 2, 2 1/4, 2 1/2, 2 3/4.

« Heille, I said I was counting to 3»

We have the bitch to take the leap.

I didn't have the bitch, I didn't have any ideas.

Well, I had one, but I didn't have the money.

I wanted to print the daily news on restaurant placemats and distribute them like newspapers, every morning.

Just some little Twitter news!

I didn't, so I was looking for a job so I wouldn't do lifelong data entry at Statistics Canada.

A financial analyst position has just been posted!

« Priority will be given to women, aboriginals and visible minorities»

« Sacrament, what have I done to the world to be a white man I just wanna work in my field not rewrite history.».

I finally got the job and I said to a colleague of mine:

« Finally, I'm rich (my salary was $ 42,000 and I was 23!»

Then she said to me:

« Francois, I've known you for 9 months, but I know you well enough to know that money will never be enough!»

This phrase has remained etched in my memory for years.

Until I went into business. I went into business to make money, but never worked for money.

It is the desire to change things, to please people that has always motivated me.

While having the ulterior motive: It’s better to pay someday! » 

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