Money will never be enough

In 1990, I just took a big step for my career: after 9 months as a data entry clerk at Statistics Canada, I became a financial analyst..

I was living in Hull at the time and I finished my studies to be a financial analyst.r.

I have no experience, I am not a woman, I am not Aboriginal, I am not part of a visible minority and I do not have a disability.cap.

My chances of having a job in the federal government in my field is almost mission impossible..

I see a position as a data entry clerk, so apply.e.

I pass the interview and I have the post. Who wants to do data entry like a full time robot It looks like no one wanted to do this job.vail.

Me neither, but I wanted to put my foot in the gear to eventually see the posts posted..

In the long run, I knew I wanted to start a business, but in the meantime, I had to work until I found my idea of the century.e.

The idea that will make me say: fuck all, I'm going into business!! »

Because to start a business, you have to say this sentence.

Going into business is a bit like counting to 3 when you want to give a warning to children.s.

1, 2, 2 1/4, 2 1/2, 2 3/4.

« Heille, I said I counted to 33 »

We have the dog to take the leap.

I didn't have a dog, I didn't have

Well I had one, but I didn't have any money.nt.

I wanted to print the daily news on restaurant placemats and distribute it like newspapers every morning.

Just little news on Twitter!

I didn't do it, so I was looking for a job so as not to enter data for life at Statistics Canada.a.

A position of financial analyst has just been posted!

« Priority will be given to women, Aboriginals and visible minorities»

« Sacrament, what I did to the world to be a white man I just want to work in my field not rewrite ».

I finally got the job and I said to one of my colleagues: :

« Finally, I am rich my salary was 42,000 and I was 23 years old! ! »

Then she said to me:

« François, I have known you for 9 months, but I know you enough to know that money will never be enough! »

This sentence has remained in my memory for years.

Until I go into business. I went into business to make money, but I never worked for money.ent.

It is the desire to change things, to please people who are always motivated.é.

While having in the background: It's better to pay one day!! » 

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