Maintenant en lecture: The mental age of an entrepreneur
L’âge mental d’un entrepreneur

The mental age of an entrepreneur

A few weeks ago a guy on my page mentioned to me that I look like a kid who just started their first

It got me thinking for weekss…

Well that's not true, I replied immediately that when it comes time to invest in my businesses, I have the mental age of a teenager.scent.

A teenager with a bit of innocence and naivety, but with the understanding of an adult who has already fallen into the traps.s.

You have to be naïve to be successful in business. A beautiful naivety. I dream, but awake!

The reality is that when you are young or young at heart you don't see the negative side or sway a

And it is for this reason that we are able to achieve things that few people thought possible..

That’s being a real entrepreneur, not seeing the negative unnecessarily..

And for that, you have to be young at heart at any age.

Today I was preparing dragon beard orders to ship to the airport shop and was indeed a mental age of 17.ns.
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