I wanted to be the wolf of Wall Street

I have always been fascinated by the parquet of the ladrenaline purse that it brings and, all my career, I wanted to makeu day trading orshort trading.

I wrote my first stock market analysis software in 1989. I took the ratings of companies listed in the newspaper. Yes sir, it was like that in time, you had to wait until the next day to find out the prices of companies on the stock market, by opening the newspaper ...l...)

Then do someday trading, it is risky, even very risky and few manage to make money.t.

So last November, I decided to keep a wallet to see if I have the qualities or thee guts to makeday trading.

I could have written a business plan to look at all the possibilities,s,  but nothing beats putting real money and diving.

I do theday trading with the same companies still less than 10 for almost a year. There are days when I can trade 10x a day and I may not trade for almost a week.e.

I wait for opportunities ... like a wolfp 

I must admit that I came close to disaster on several occasions, but I really enjoy doing this.a.

In 1 year, I almost doubled my stake ... and I love it!a!

P.S.: Do not ask me what actions I trade, I will not tell you.

P.P.S. : No, I do not trade bitcoin 

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