Bankruptcy or knowing how to stop

There was a time when bankruptcy was almost well seen, you could not succeed if you had not hit the shallows.ds.

When I heard that when I was younger, I didn't understand and I never thought that someone could go bankrupt.te ».

There is no paying bankruptcy. And bankruptcy is never joyful. However, it is not a compulsory passage. An entrepreneur must stop digging his grave at some point and realize that he is in the process of hard work.ment.

The first quality of an entrepreneur is persistence, the worst defect of the entrepreneur is also persistence when it turns into relentlessness.ent.

It is certain that when you see companies going bankrupt when the entrepreneur has a big house, it makes people talk, and that is normal.mal.

He probably reacted a little too late and realized that he was in the relentless phase.t.

And believe me, I'm the first to hit him.

I have never been bankrupt, but I have already abandoned projects because I was ahead of my time or underestimated the marketing costs to publicize the product.uit.

Because the nerve of war is not the product, it's the marketing.g.

Companies often forget this part and they think having a good product is enough.nt.

It's wrong !!

If you know my shop, I’m telling you all the time and word of mouth is doing its job..

It will have taken 11 years before it works. If I had wanted it to work and had made a lot of money 11 years ago, I would probably have closed the doors.tes.

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