Maintenant en lecture: Make mistakes!
Faire des erreurs!

Make mistakes!

« I've been in business for 5 years and I've never made any mistakes!! »

Ah yes So you've been leaving opportunities on the table for 5 years..

Making mistakes in business is normal and we must even accept to make them and especially recognize them.e.

What is not allowed is to make the same mistake twice.s.

Our children make the same mistake many times. At 1 year old, at 2 years old, at 5 years old, at 15 years old, at 25 years old. They make the same mistake because there is no major consequence and above all they don't have to foot the bill.e.

When we pay for our mistakes, we learn faster..

Starting a business is a trial and error process and that's why I prefer to have small businesses, it allows us to test the waters with 5s rather than putting in 50,000.0 $.

Making mistakes is normal! Going into bankruptcy is often because we have refused to accept our mistakes and correct them.ger.

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