Maintenant en lecture: To be a little too happy
Être un peu trop heureux

To be a little too happy

I am exactly where I wanted to be. At every stage of my career I have always been happy, otherwise I would sell or look for another job..

All the while, I was coming back to the farm looking for ways to make it profitable.

I tried to make a pellet factory, to make hops, to grow crops. It was all good, but something was missing.e.

I heard the sugar shack of course, but for me it was a hobby while waiting to have a quota so that I could make barrels of syrup and wait for my payments.ents .

Gradually, I started selling syrup online and other products, and now the circle has come full circle..

Maple treats Who would have thought For me, the maple was a cane of syrup.sirop.

It is much more than that!!

I am exactly where, as a youngster, I would have drawn myself at 53.

I am in the business of happiness!

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