Be master with us!

If you didn't know yet that I am passionate about maple products and honey, I tell yous .

You know that the Federation of Maple Syrup Producers and I have not always been in love. It's not love yet, but for my part, I consider it a marriage of reason. I finally need their syrup to turn it into sugar for cotton candy, now the meringues and soon the popcorn.pcorn.

So I bought my first barrels last week..

The Federation places great emphasis on export and on the creation of the strategic reserve. In any case, that's what I see and I see by reading the info they send me.enir.

When you want to open a new market, you have to do evangelism and it is expensive. I am an atheist I hate spending my money to educate people about my

I prefer to sell to people who already know the product. I'm not saying not to expand, but when the news of the month is that a very high-end restaurant in Japan uses syrup I wince a little. How much syrup he uses 10 ml0 ml?

Honestly, the Quebec market is still virgin with maple products. The Federation should put the package here..

Why, I am successful Because I make derivative products with a flavor that you already know..

Take maple water for example, we praise the merits and the benefits. Let's be honest, you'd have to drink 8 gallons a day to get the benefits. What we have to sell is lifestyle.yle.

Same thing for maple butter. Still many Quebecers have not tasted this delicacy. It is a must for weekend lunches.nd.

Maple popcorn. You know that what surrounds popular popcorn in Quebec right now comes from the US. Not for mine, I'm going to make it from Quebec syrup.s.

Cotton candy is not just a child's delight. The other day, we were celebrating good news for one of my companies; there was champagne and cotton candy. Forget the child with the blue face!eue!

It's glamorous and it sounds good to say that we have opened a new market and we have to do it.e.

Here I give the example of syrup, but this applies to your own market. You have to exploit every facet of a customer who knows the product and then do evangelism.on.

There are so many opportunities in the market, it's amazing!

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