Being an entrepreneur

We will say, being an entrepreneur is a bad job! A job that takes all of your spare time and thoughts.

Every place you go, you look if there is not a business opportunity.s.

You see a competitive product You take a picture of it and you wonder how it is that it is in the radius of such a store, while yours is not there.

Sales are bad for a day, you want to close your doors. The next day, your sales explode, you want to expand.

To the question: How are you? You never answer: good. If the news is good, we will say: It is going well in your ..., if the news is bad, we will answer: my day is m & amp; # & amp ;!?$#&$! »

We never answer: things are going well. There is no medium for an entrepreneur!r!

But we continue every day, because we always see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's a bad job, but it's such a nasty trip: :)

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