What if your destination is unknown?

Many of you have contacted me privately to ask me for advice regarding certain business projects you have..

I answer everyone the same answer: if you know the field in which you are going to invest and that this field fascinates you, then go for it!

Go for the unknown, because that's what we're talking about.le.

Besides my father, my entrepreneurial model when I was young was a veterinarian so I wanted to become a veterinarian, but along the way I discovered another passion: the stock market. So I abandoned my studies in science to continue in finance, but the worst of luck, I was studying when the stock market crash of 1987 happened.1987.

My destination became unknown again.

I worked as an accountant to launch myself into the void to pursue a career in IT ... Again, the destination was unknown, but my IT skills and meeting a partner meant that we started Aheeva in 2000, then Atelka in 2004.4.

In 2010, I was ripe for a new project so I fired from Atelka and finally ended up in In the eye of the dragon.agon.

In 2014, I left the dragons for other projects and a career in radio began. Again, my destination was unknown..

I write this to you, because often we ask ourselves too many questions and we refuse to rush for fear.

I never had that fear..

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