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Is cold water good for your hair? Cold water vs hot water

As a die-hard lover of cold water, I'm constantly looking for ways to improve my hair care routine, especially after experiencing the invigorating effects of Montreal 's cold showers (which border on freezing) on ​​my hair. It's time to share with you why incorporating cold water into your hair routine, along with our new range of shampoos and conditioners enriched with soy and sunflower oils, and honey, can transform your hair into a head of hair. dream.

The Invaluable Virtues of Cold Water for Hair

Why Cold Water?

Using cold water to wash your hair isn't just a personal preference; it's a decision based on the considerable benefits for hair health:

  • Preservation of Natural Oils : Cold water maintains the balance of natural oils in the scalp, ensuring nourished and strong hair.
  • Fights Frizz : It helps close hair cuticles, reducing frizz and increasing shine for a smoother appearance.
  • Improved Blood Circulation : Stimulating blood circulation to the scalp promotes better hair growth.

Integrating Cold Water into Your Hair Routine

Here's how you can take advantage of cold water to achieve luscious hair:

  1. Use Warm Water First : Start your shower with lukewarm water to open the cuticles and cleanse thoroughly.
  2. Choose the Right Products : Our range of shampoos and conditioners, enriched with soybean oils, sunflower oils, honey, and phytokeratin for conditioner, offer deep hydration and repair without damaging your scalp.
  3. Final Cold Water Rinse : Conclude your shower with a cold water rinse to seal in hydration and boost shine.

Our New Range of Products: The Perfect Synergy

Shampoo : Infused with soy and sunflower oils, and enriched with honey, our shampoo gently cleanses while providing essential hydration and natural shine.

Conditioner : The ideal complement to our shampoo, the conditioner contains phytokeratin, in addition to soy and sunflower oils, to strengthen and repair hair, leaving it silky and easy to detangle.

Why Avoid Hot Water?

Extremely hot water can be detrimental, stripping away natural oils and causing dryness and brittleness. The ideal temperature for your hair should be lukewarm or slightly warm, certainly below 43°C, to avoid damage.

A Commitment to Hair Health

Incorporating cold water into your hair routine is not only a gesture towards more vitality; it's a conscious choice for the health and beauty of your hair. With our new hair care range specifically designed to increase the benefits of cold water, your hair will be transformed, radiant with health and shine.

By adopting this routine, not only are you taking optimal care of your hair, but you are also aligning yourself with a wellness practice that celebrates natural beauty, supported by the invigorating benefits of cold water.

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