Maintenant en lecture: Running after the competition means missing out on our customers
Courir après la concurrence, c’est passer à côté de nos clients

Running after the competition means missing out on our customers

Competitors who copy your statutes, who take almost the same name as your products, who want to put you down, it can happen!
For 4 years, some companies have tried to copy my style in order to be successful in selling their products.
It would be so easy if it were like that.
An employee who leaves us and goes to see the competition to give them the secret recipe and our ways of doing things in order to bring us to our knees or make us go bankrupt. It is a real fact. Small parenthesis here: to go bankrupt, you must have debts.s.
Would I hire a person like that No, because he is an employee who has no values and who will eventually do the same. And what about the company that hires him ?
While these companies want to put us down, they forget the basics:
To run after someone or a company is to be behind them.
I prefer to be on the lookout for what customers want by listening rather than changing my strategy every day and demonstrating my lack of vision and creativity.
These companies think that customers don't realize it.
I get inspired every day from success stories and see how I can adapt it to my flavor.
Every day I wake up and read your comments first and interact with you. Afterwards, I draw inspiration from successful companies and see that it clicked. Not a day goes by without getting inspired.
Dealing with competition is driving a car while looking in mirrors, reading the following sentence: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.».
My real competition is your wallet. My real competition is international, it's my job to convince you to make a Quebec choice and if I become your choice, it's because I would have listened and not because I would have tried to belittle a competitor from here.
With my spaghetti brain, I already have a hard time following me, I wish them good luck😉
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