Maintenant en lecture: Work/family balance, is it possible?
Conciliation travail/famille, est-ce possible ?

Work/family balance, is it possible?

Work/family balance, is it possible??
In our case, it is, but we are not a couple that fits into the boxes of the perfect couple. »
Marilyn and I have been a couple for over 4 years and we've been working together for just over 4 years less 1 month.
No nonsense, as a couple and we work together right after. Was it risky? Not the biggest risk I've taken in my life, let's say. Oh yes and we don't live together either, but within walking distance..
A weird couple, you say!
The truth is that work/family balance does not really exist in entrepreneurship, with one caveat. If you want to have your head at work only between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., become a civil servant.
It is possible to drop out in entrepreneurship when everything is going well and oops a problem arises, the conciliation has just taken the edge.
One of the things that I have always applied:
Make it home for supper
It is often said that there is no equilibrium when the company wins over the family, but what if the family won over the company constantly?
I give you a thousand: customers would say that the entrepreneur does not take care of his business and the bond of trust would crumble.
Entrepreneurship is a hard game to win!
But what to remember: Make it home for supper (you have to eat then as well eat with the family and continue afterwards)
The Final Punch Marilyn and I often have dinner together..
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