Comment une odeur inattendue nous a inspiré à créer notre parfumerie

How an unexpected smell inspired us to create our perfumery

Discover the F & M Eau de Parfum
Eight months ago, Marilyn and I were walking to discover a new donut shop when we were intrigued by an unexpected smell coming from a shop that had left its door open. This smell was that of celery, an ingredient that we would never have associated with a perfume.
Although we love the idea of ​​using this new fragrance to our soaps and our candles, we decided to go further and create a unique fragrance. It was exciting to embark on a new entrepreneurial adventure!
This is how we launched our own perfumery, François Lambert. We worked with local perfumers and brand designers to find the perfect combination of ingredients to create our F&M Eau de Parfum and design our look. This unique combination offers a fresh and luxurious fragrance with green and peppery notes, with a subtle touch of celery.
Like the rest of our approach, the notion of a fair price was self-evident. We wanted to offer a high-end perfume at a respectful and fair price.
For Valentine's Day, discover our F&M Eau de Parfum, the perfect gift for your loved one. Our fragrance is designed to appeal to all tastes and occasions, it is both refreshing and luxurious.
We are proud to offer a unique fragrance, designed with top quality ingredients to give you an unforgettable olfactory experience.


  1. What are the ingredients used in F&M Eau de Parfum?
  • F&M Eau de Parfum consists of 17 unique essential oils, including vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood, rosewood, sage, rosemary and orange.
  1. How would you describe the fragrance of Eau de Parfum F&M?
  • The unique combination offers a fresh and luxurious fragrance with green and peppery notes.
  1. Do you offer other fragrances in addition to F&M Eau de Parfum?
  • We are currently working on an exclusive bottle for our next fragrance.
  1. Do you offer perfume samples?
  • Yes, every order made on our website includes a free sample of our F&M Eau de Parfum.
  1. How can I buy F&M Eau de Parfum online?
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