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Accord mets et boissons : sublimer le chocolat ruby

Food and drink pairing: sublimating ruby ​​chocolate

Ruby chocolate

Ruby chocolate is a unique and fascinating type of chocolate, renowned for its natural pink hue and fruity taste with tangy notes. It is made from specific ruby ​​cocoa beans, which give it that distinctive color and flavor. A Ruby chocolate is an exceptional chocolate that you have to learn to taste. This is what I propose to you in this article. Food and drink pairings to accompany and sublimate your ruby ​​chocolate, made of ruby ​​chocolate, pieces of maple sugar and honey and lemon ganache.

I offer several options, with or without alcohol, to create a memorable taste experience.

Wine: the alliance of sparkling rosé and ruby ​​chocolate

A sparkling rosé wine to enhance the fruity flavors

sparkling rosé wine and ruby ​​rose chocolate

A sparkling rosé wine would be an excellent choice to accompany this chocolate. The bubbles and freshness of the rosé will highlight the fruity notes of the ruby ​​chocolate, while its slight acidity will balance the sweetness of the sugar

maple syrup and honey ganache. Opt for a sparkling rosé with aromas of red fruits, such as raspberry or strawberry, which will compliment the flavors of ruby ​​chocolate. You can also choose a Crémant rosé for a more refined option.

How to serve sparkling rosé wine

Serve the sparkling rosé wine chilled, between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius, to fully appreciate its aromas and freshness. Use champagne flutes to preserve the bubbles and bring out the color of the wine. Sip the wine in small sips to let the flavors of ruby ​​chocolate and wine mingle on the palate.

Beer: the freshness of a white or fruit beer

A light and refreshing beer to accompany ruby ​​chocolate

white beer and ruby ​​chocolate

Opt for a white beer or a slightly fruity beer to highlight the flavors of your ruby ​​chocolate. White beer will bring a refreshing and light touch, while a fruity beer will compliment the tart notes of chocolate.

Craft beers for a unique taste experience

You can choose an artisanal white beer, with aromas of citrus fruits and coriander, for an original and tasty pairing. For a fruitier option, opt for a raspberry, cherry or peach beer, which will bring out the fruity notes of ruby ​​chocolate. Feel free to experiment with local or craft beers to discover new flavors.

How to taste beer with ruby ​​chocolate

Serve the beer chilled, between 4 and 6 degrees Celsius, to appreciate all the flavors. Use glasses adapted to the type of beer chosen for optimal tasting. Alternate between a sip of beer and a bite of ruby ​​chocolate, to let the flavors mingle and complement each other on the palate.

Aperitif: a gin and grapefruit cocktail for a touch of elegance

The marriage of citrus fruits and ruby ​​chocolate

gin with grapefruit and chocolate ruby

A cocktail based on gin and pink grapefruit would be an interesting option for an aperitif. The gin will bring citrus and herbal notes, while the grapefruit will underline the fruity flavors of ruby ​​chocolate. You can also add a dash of maple syrup to balance out the acidity of the grapefruit and bring back the sweetness of the maple sugar present in the chocolate.

How to make the cocktail

To prepare this cocktail, mix 4 cl of gin, 2 cl of fresh pink grapefruit juice, 1 cl of lime juice and 1 cl of maple syrup (optional) in a shaker with ice cubes. Shake vigorously, then strain and pour into a cocktail glass. You can garnish the glass with a slice of grapefruit or a slice of lime for an aesthetic touch.

Other cocktail options

If you prefer a cocktail without gin, you can opt for a spritz made with sparkling rosé wine, sparkling water and red fruit syrup, for a refreshing and slightly sweet option. You can also explore other fruit-based cocktails, such as the strawberry mojito or the red fruit caipirinha, to create an original and tasty pairing with your ruby ​​chocolate.

Digestive: whiskey or amber rum for a captivating finish

Spirits with complex aromas to enhance ruby ​​chocolate


To end on a high note, a digestive based on whiskey or amber rum will be perfect. The whiskey, with its woody and spicy aromas, will go well with the maple sugar notes. As for the amber rum, its sweetness and aromas of caramel and vanilla will go perfectly with the honey and lemon ganache.

How to serve and taste the digestive

Serve the whiskey or amber rum at room temperature, in a suitable glass, such as a highball glass or a rum glass. Take the time to smell the aromas of the spirit before tasting it in small sips, alternating with a bite of ruby ​​chocolate. Let the flavors mingle in the mouth to fully appreciate the harmony between chocolate and digestive.

Non-alcoholic options: homemade lemonade, iced tea and flavored water

The freshness of non-alcoholic beverages to accompany ruby ​​chocolate

For a non-alcoholic alternative, opt for an artisanal berry lemonade, a fruit or citrus iced tea, or a berry or citrus flavored sparkling water. These refreshing and fruity drinks will pair well with the complex flavors of ruby ​​chocolate.

Homemade lemonade for a touch of acidity

lemonade and ruby ​​chocolate

A homemade berry lemonade, such as raspberry or strawberry, can be a refreshing and fruity option to accompany your ruby ​​chocolate. The slight acidity of the lemonade will bring out the fruity flavors of the chocolate, while balancing the sweetness of the ganache and maple sugar. You can also opt for a citrus lemonade, such as lemon or grapefruit, for a tangier alternative.

Iced tea for a subtle and thirst-quenching accord

A fruit or citrus iced tea, such as peach green tea or orange black tea, can also be a delicious, non-alcoholic option. The fruity and refreshing notes of iced tea will pair well with the complex flavors of ruby ​​chocolate. To make iced tea, steep your favorite tea in hot water, add fresh fruit or citrus zest, then let cool and serve over ice.

Flavored water for a light and sparkling touch

Sparkling water flavored with red fruits or citrus fruits can also be an interesting alternative. The sparkling water will bring freshness and highlight the tangy notes of chocolate, while the fruity aromas will compliment the flavors of ruby ​​chocolate and honey lemon ganache. You can make homemade flavored water by adding fresh fruit, citrus zest and possibly a few mint leaves to sparkling water.


The pairing between the ruby ​​chocolate and the different drinks on offer is intended to create a complete and memorable taste experience. Whether you prefer wine, beer, cocktails or non-alcoholic options, the important thing is to find harmony between the flavors of the ruby ​​chocolate and those of the chosen drink. Feel free to experiment and adapt these suggestions to your tastes and those of your guests. Take advantage of this tasting to discover new flavors and create unforgettable moments around your ruby ​​chocolate.

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