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🍁🌳 Maple butter: discovery, history and market share

maple butter

Maple butter: a healthy and delicious food

Maple butter is an increasingly popular food due to its unique taste and our desire to consume the food. According to the figures, approximately 4% of the total production of maple syrup in Quebec is used to produce maple butter. In 2021, the total production of maple syrup in Quebec was 185 million pounds, or approximately 22.2 million gallons. Therefore, approximately 888,000 gallons of maple syrup were used to produce maple butter .

A missed date?

Is maple butter a victim of its name or of poor marketing? The time when we bought our gallon of syrup directly from the producer is still present, but few people think of maple butter as an alternative for every day of the year. For what ? The name ? Bad marketing? See the (approximate) comparative sales of two alternatives: Nutella and Map-o-Spread. The opportunities for maple butter are enormous.

maple butter market share comparison

The Map-O-Spread

The history of map-o-spread

Interestingly, Map-O-Spread, a spread that mimics the taste of maple butter, was released in 1917...before maple butter was even around. Give Caesar his due: the inventor of the Map-O-Spread was a marketing genius. In maple country, succeeding in selling imitation maple butter, and still selling more than real maple butter a century later, is quite an achievement!


In 1944, the shortage of chocolate in Italy led Pietro Ferrero to create a spread made from hazelnuts, sugar and very little chocolate, which he named Pasta Gianduja . Over time the recipe was perfected and in 1964 the modern version of Nutella was released. Today, the Nutella brand is owned by Ferrero SpA, an Italian confectionery and chocolate company. To produce enough hazelnuts to meet the demand for Nutella, Ferrero purchases around 25% of the world's hazelnut production .

Make a rule of 3

It would be easy to make a rule of three and extrapolate on the potential sales of maple butter. It would be too easy because we are comparing trademarks with a local product. Maple butter should be marketed differently or people's mentalities should be changed.

Precisely let's talk about changing mentality to make, I'll give you an example:

Olive oil... from 30 million imports to 330 million

In the 1980s, olive oil was mainly considered a luxury product and reserved for a certain elite. But over time, the perception has changed with better marketing and dissemination of information about its health benefits. In 1982, the United States imported about 30 million liters of olive oil. By 2020, that figure had risen to more than 330 million liters.

The benefits of maple butter

Maple butter contains only one ingredient: 100% pure maple syrup, this product is gluten-free and has no added sugar . Maple butter has a relatively low glycemic index compared to alternatives.

Maple butter and its glycemic index

A local product

Don't forget that maple butter is also a sustainable food product, made from farmed maple syrup. By buying maple butter, you support local farmers.

Maple butter in the kitchen

Maple butter can be used in different recipes such as roast pork, with lamb, in granolas or simply on a fruit dessert.

At, we have made a decadent condiment, a Dijon style mustard with maple butter .

Combine it with other flavors

Maple butter goes perfectly with the creations of great chocolatiers and can be combined with flavors such as coffee, chocolate, cinnamon and many more to offer unforgettable flavors to your taste buds.

A market within reach

The hazelnut market would never have experienced such growth without the arrival of Nutella, just as the olive oil market would never have experienced such growth without a marketing change that began in the early 1980s. And yet, maple is much more than just a can of syrup. Why limit yourself to this only seasonal use? Discover now all the culinary possibilities offered by 100% natural maple butter and include it in your diet throughout the year.

Have I already told you that maple is more than a cane and that it's year-round?

To discover our maple butters, it's here:

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