sauce pica pica
Matador de Pica Pica hot sauce (extra hot)
Matador de Pica Pica hot sauce (extra hot)

Matador de Pica Pica hot sauce (extra hot)

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Made in Quebec
Peri peri style with a good taste of red pepper. Portuguese sauce to spice up your dishes.

Tasty as you wish, you will not be able to do without it. Pica Pica sauces will enhance chicken, ribs, shrimp and any other dish prepared on the grill.

Ingredients:Chili paste, canola oil, lemon juice, water, dehydrated garlic, capsaicin, spices, xanthan gum.

Degree of hotness: 7

Pica Pica is a company located in Montreal, founded by Frank Da Rocha, Montreal chef. M Da Rocha has created a flavorful Portuguese hot sauce with bite.

Born to Portuguese immigrant parents, Mr. Da Rocha began his career as a cook and worked in some of Montreal's best restaurants including Le Latini, La Queue de Cheval and Ferreira.

Unlike many other hot sauces made with vinegar, it is the peppers that give Portuguese hot sauces this rich and savory taste. More than a hot sauce, Pica Pica enhances the taste of all your dishes and adds a spicy touch to all your dining experiences..

Format: 5oz