Sausage powder - Les Savoureux
Sausage powder - Les Savoureux

Sausage powder - Les Savoureux

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In search of breadcrumb-free (and gluten-free and carbohydrate-free) sausages You can now make them at home with good fresh ground pork, water and the famous Les Savoureux sausage powder!!

The secret: chia as a binding and thickening agent.


Ground chia seeds *, Mustard powder *, Garlic powder *, Sea salt, Mustard powder *, Black pepper *, Fennel *, Clove *, Onion powder *.
* Organic, certified by Québec Vrai

We do not use any product that contains gluten.

 How to use it?

  • Buy 1 lb. of ground pork;
  • Mix 2 tbsp. Les Savoureux sausage powder and 2 tbsp. tablespoons of water;
  • Make patties or roll sausage-shaped balls;
  • Cook gently on the grill, in the pan or even simply in the oven.

An 80 gram bag will make 4 lbs of sausage.

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