Poke - Geneviève Everell

Poke - Geneviève Everell

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Do you know the poke? It's simple, fresh and tasty: a bowl of rice topped with marinated fish or seafood and various condiments. This new trend from Hawaii is sure to delight sushi and tartar lovers! 

Geneviève Everell has created original, colorful and delicious recipes for you, as she knows how to do so well. Enjoy a variety of poke mixed with a multitude of flavors that will surprise you. Get even more off the beaten track with flambé, vegetarian or world-flavored dishes. And the dessert will not be outdone: dare the sweet and fruity poke!

Enter the world of poke with all the tools in hand: advice on the choice of ingredients, basic techniques and more than tasty recipes. Also discover the products and favorite addresses of your favorite Miss Sushi!

Format: soft
ISBN: 978-2-89690-902-5
Number of pages : 224 pages