Kombu pesto
Kombu pesto
Kombu pesto

Kombu pesto

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You know the classic pesto made from basil, but do you know theKombu pesto?

In this pesto, the basil is replaced by theRoyal kombu (sweet kelp), an algae naturally collected in Gaspésie. Thus, you will find the so appreciated taste of pesto, with fresh garlic and tasty Parmesan, with a little extra: a slight taste of the sea which makes it a unique and exquisite product.

It has many uses: inpasta, from gnocchi, on thin slices ofbread grilled or simply spread on a fillet ofSalmon or anotherfish.

A delicious taste with all the benefits of Kombu royal seaweed, a real sea vegetable, rich infibers, in minerals and in trace elements (iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium).

Make it a must-have, as much of youreveryday cooking that of your big receptions !

The products are:

  • Handcrafted,
  • Entirely produced in Gaspésie,
  • Made from seaweed from sustainable harvesting and eco-responsible cultivation
Ingredients:Sweet laminaria (Kombu), spinach, olive oil, canola oil, parmesan (milk), garlic, citric acid, sea salt.
180 ml format