Néron inc. - The strength of the test

Néron inc. - The strength of the test

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The story of Caroline Néron is first of all an ascent. That of an artist who becomes a businesswoman having a dazzling growth, until becoming the first Quebec woman to reach the Quebec summit and the Canadian top 15 of the PROFIT 500 of the fastest growing companies.sance.

Caroline Néron becomes a source of inspiration for several entrepreneurs and gives conferences throughout Quebec. Then, misfortune strikes. In 2019, Bijoux Caroline Néron found itself in the eye of a media storm due to its financial difficulties. All areas of his life are shocked. Shaken, the entrepreneur nevertheless invests all her energy to bring the company back to profitability, in vain.vain.

With sincerity, strength and courage, Caroline Néron dares, in this book, to tell what led her to bankruptcy..

It is said that failure is not the opposite of success, it is indeed part of it. Caroline Néron did not stay where she fell. She got up, she learned from her experience and she rebuilt, in the strength of the ordeal.preuve.

«In this book, I will tell the facts about my life as an entrepreneur and the mistakes I made, in the hope that you will avoid the same setbacks, both personally and professionally. I also have in mind to demonstrate that nothing happens for nothing.rien.» – Caroline