Mate Libre - Discovery box 4 x 250ml

Mate Libre - Discovery box 4 x 250ml

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Yerba mate is a natural energizer, containing caffeine and theobromine, a mixture of alkalines that allows slower ingestion of caffeine. We get a continuous energy without a big high or a big crash associated with coffee. In addition, yerba mate has many health benefits, including being even more antioxidant than green tea..

Made from the finest natural and organic ingredients, energizing infusions provide lasting energy with the tone of coffee, the sweetness of tea and the leuphoria of chocolate. The best functional yerba mate drink! 


1x Original Energizing Infusion 250ml can
1x Rose & Hibiscus Energizing Infusion 250ml can
1x Energizing Passion Infusion 250ml can
1x Mint & Lime Energizing Infusion 250ml can

Contains45mg of caffeine

Even though Mate Libre contains caffeine, the product is not considered an energy drink, as its caffeine content is moderate at 45mg per can. We created Mate Libre with the desire to offer a drink with the stimulating benefits of yerba mate, but without being an energy drink overdosed in caffeine. A can of Mate Libre is roughly the equivalent of an espresso, but the energizing effect will be better controlled and prolonged.ongé.