limonène rosé

Limonene Rosé - Carbonated water with aromas of terpenes

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Without THC and CBD , this carbonated water exclusive to Maison d'Herbes has been designed to offer you a gentle taste of rosé limonene. Sparkling and refreshing at will, it is simply perfect to give a little pop to your days of telecommuting or to hydrate you during your outdoor activities.és extérieures.

What's this?

This is carbonated water flavored with Rosé Limonene Terpenes. This is a first in Canada, available exclusively at Maison d'Herbes..

Who is it for?

For everyone, since it does not contain THC or CBD.

What does it do?

Quite simply, it refreshes and quenches your thirst.

What does it taste?

Summer and the fiesta.

How we consume it?

Very cold:
1. Directly from a can
2. With your best gin to concoct a little drink

Ingredients : Everest spring water, carbon dioxide, natural flavor

Made with the best spring water in Quebec