Liberty 45 - Pierre-Yves McSween

Liberty 45 - Pierre-Yves McSween

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Financial freedom from the age of 45 is the goal that all young adults must aim for, argues the most prominent economic popularizer in Quebec. But beware, financial freedom does not mean being rich It just means being rich enough to afford an easier life and, above all, richer in meaning. A life where you are not at the mercy of the monthly bills that you love to impose yourself!er!

To achieve this ambitious goal, you can't do things like everyone else. You need a plan. You must specify your choices for the future. Apply with discipline three essential rules that will help you accumulate a substantial capital as quickly as possible. And take advantage of the many tax curiosities.

In this book intended for young people but where everyone will find something to improve their lot, Pierre-Yves McSween, in the biting tone that we know him, encourages us to choose our camp: those who will row for decades to catch up with the past or those who will no longer have to worry about their future. Once again, he puts the reins of our destiny in our hands.

Pierre-Yves McSween is a Fellow Chartered Professional Accountant MBA, FCPA auditor, FCA. On the radio, he is a business and economy columnist on 98.5 in Montreal and FM93 in Quebec. Since 2017, he has hosted the McSween index on Télé-Québec. Do you really need it, his first book, broke sales records in Quebec in addition to being translated and adapted outside our