Les Belles Combinations, by Dominique Bernèche

Les Belles Combinations, by Dominique Bernèche

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Les Belles Combines are tips and tools that are both educational, fun and
really useful for the development of children AND parents. Both a practical guide and a docu-reality, this unique book teaches us, by inviting us in the home of this pro in family organization, to do more with less, without leaving aside her aspirations and ambitions. How By mastering the art of::

  • Manage your time (lighten your mental load, mobilize each member of the gang, etc.)
  • Control your space (storage, decluttering, etc.)
  • Schedule resources (food, clothing, school supplies, budget)
  • Boost children's autonomy (help them do things on their own, ritualize
  • development, etc.)
  • Encourage participation in household chores (motivate, facilitate and enhance)
  • Promote good behavior (positive reinforcement, examples, prevention, etc.)
  • Celebrate school learning (learning opportunities, observation, etc.)

The author, a mom in the I-don't-know-how-she-does-it-yourself category, has already changed the lives of several thousand Quebec families with her educational material that is not stingy.

Les Belles Combines , the company is her.

The famous Cool down kit , it's her.

the General store , it is also.

This time, Dominique Bernèche shares in an essential book the salutary vision that will promote the development of children AND parents. Both a practical guide and an intimate docu-reality, illustrated by the illuminated photos of Kassandra Lalonde, Les Belles Combines (the book!) opens the doors to the daily life of a pro in family organization. His secret to doing more with less, without sacrificing his aspirations and ambitions?

  • Focus on the autonomy of children
  • Encourage the best behaviors
  • Aim for the organization of time and space
  • Find the daily tricks to effectively manage school, family projects, management of screens, conflicts, etc.

Dominique delivers here 1001 proven tips that not only allow everyone to participate in the daily family mechanics, but also draw sincere and lasting smiles on all faces. You can't refuse such a gift!