The destiny of Aurélie Lafrenière, Volume 2 - Stéphanie Martin

The destiny of Aurélie Lafrenière, Volume 2 - Stéphanie Martin

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The conclusion of a real favorite series! The revolution rumbles in the Thirteen colonies and Quebec, controlled by the British, will not be sparede…

Fleeing from the troubles that were growing in Boston in the fall of 1775, Aurélie returned to Quebec without James, which did not fail to break her heart. To soothe her pain, the young woman lends a hand in the family business, a task in which she excels. James, for his part, inherits a perilous mission: to follow and intercept the rebel troops who select north in order to attempt an invasion on Quebec, where his beautiful awaits him.belle…

The battle for Quebec breaks out when a mysterious stranger, emerging from James' past, poses a new threat to the young couple. Torn apart, will Aurélie choose to follow her ambitions by remaining in Quebec despite the tumult or to take refuge in the tranquility of England?re?

A moving love story that plunges us into one of the most defining periods in our history.e.

ISBN: 9782897588847
Publication: 2020/06/10
Binding: Soft
Pages: 520 pages
Dimensions: 15 cm x 23 cm