Livre investir dans l'or

Book investing in gold - The new Klondike within everyone's reach

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Very, very far from the arid and complicated guides intended for seasoned investors, here is a unique little book for Mr. and Mrs. Everyone which explains clearly and simply why gold is the preferred investment today ... and how to do it. to enjoy !

Investing in gold is brilliant. Why Basically, because in 2020 gold is so promisingr
than real estate in 2007, and the recent crisis forced a huge influx of foreign currency
from governments which will soon lose value. Gold will continue to shine
with all its fires. Insiders like the authors of this book know it but they have
chosen to pass it on to the amateur investor or one who would not have foreseen the rush to
come, that is to say, the common people.

But far from being limited to theory, this book also reveals everything there is to know
concretely, in simple and accessible terms, to make brilliant investments:
how and what to buy, the particularities of gold titles and their royalties, the choices
scholarship holders to be favored in Quebec and elsewhere. Now that's worth its weight in gold!

Investing in that little book first can really pay off. An opportunity not to
not to miss!


From: André Dubuc | Francois Riverin
Publisher: Guy Saint-Jean editions
Release date : February 2021
ISBN: 9782898270253 (2898270253)
Pages: 144