They were two - Éric Chassé

They were two - Éric Chassé

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The two teens just wanted revenge on their teacher. How could they have imagined that the farce would turn into such a tragedy?

As the symbolic small fire they had planned turns into a blaze spreading at lightning speed, the two thugs are drunk. One runs away, the other remains dumbfounded, frozen in the face of horror.orreur.

A single accused for a crime committed together is already unfair. But that one of the culprits spends ten years of his life behind bars while the other takes pleasure in a too sweet existence, without ever suffering the consequences of his gesture, it is quite simply unacceptable!ble!

Ten years later, it is time to take stock. It was time..

A squeaky suspense, with characters almost too real to be fictional, in which we dive instantly!

ISBN: 9782897585198
Publication: 2018/08/29
Binding: Soft
Pages: 400 pages
Dimensions: 15 cm x 23 cm