Quebec spices Long live spices

Quebec spices Long live spices

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Maple BBQ Spices

You like the taste of B-B-Q, why not make a change by adding a little maple touch, excellent on chicken, pork and potatoes. Delicious!!

Cajun maple spices
You want a little spice with a touch of maple This product has a taste that has character, to add spice to meats and fish. Delightful !!

Black Shank Chicken Spices
This mixture is perfect on chicken, of course, but also excellent with pork, roasted potatoes and fries. Beautiful chunks of onion, garlic, mustard seeds, herbs and more come together for a robust and savory taste. You can also add it to B-B-Q sauce or poutine for more flavor.

Black Shank Steak Spices
These spices will wake up your steak, that's for sure! Use on steak, beef kebabs, roasts, burgers and game. Mix these spices with mayonnaise for a good dip to accompany fondue or fries.