Mango chutney - Little Red Riding Hood

Mango chutney - Little Red Riding Hood

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A smaller size and still the same good taste! These small trial sizes are perfect for the curious wishing to discover new flavors or to give as a gift as a small treat..

This wonderful sweet and sour condiment goes well with a multitude of dishes. It easily replaces fruit ketchup. Designed to accompany Indian dishes, it pairs equally well with our Quebec dishes, such as Chinese pâté, chicken pâté, tourtière, quichehe…

Add mango chutney to a chicken burger, hot dog, chicken wrap or simply enjoy with a sharp cheddar.

Ingredients: mangoes, sugar, red peppers, vinegar, dates, fresh ginger, spices.

Serve with: Indian dishes, meat, poultry…

Format:  60ml

The duration of the conversation : 2 years