These pancakes everyone is talking about - Madame Labriski (Mériane Labrie)

These pancakes everyone is talking about - Madame Labriski (Mériane Labrie)

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100 recipes without sugar. 100% fat free.

A 100% healthy creative delirium.

You've got a lot of trouble. You want to take care of yourself. Looking for easy solutions to indulge yourself in bliss without guilt? Tadamski! You will find a profusion of them in Madame Labriski's book!

Cooking pancakes without sugar or added fat and generating great pleasure is possible. Madame Labriski sugar ALL with date puree and binds its recipes with plain yogurt without fat or applesauce without added sugar. It's not just good, it's delicious ! If it's complicated No, it's super easy to ski!!

A Good morning banana pancake, a Pacapane to resist or a slice of Ca en bouche a corner to start the day A Muscled Pinotte or a Chocogo after training Dare to do yourself good! Get started today at the Labriskis. And change your vieski!ki!

Finalist at the Food Writing Awards of Saveurs Canada, in the 2017 Healthy and Special Diet Cookbook category17

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ISBN 9782897581770
Publication: 2016/09/07
Binding: Soft
Pages: 200 pages
Dimensions: 19 cm x 24 cm
Color: All in colors