Café Moussaillon de la Brûlerie Jacques Cartier

Café Moussaillon de la Brûlerie Jacques Cartier

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House blend of South American and African coffee beans. Sweet with a small dose of sugar.e.

The moussaillon is a worker and a unifier. Every day he needs a good sweetness and a good dose of caffeine to get through his day. So to you moussaillons !!!!!!

Roasting: Brown

The lighter the roasting, the closer you get to the citrus taste. So we have a very sour coffee. Because let's not forget, the coffee bean is a fruit whose basic taste is between cherry and lemon, which gives it all its acidity, even after a short roasting. A brown grain is also generally less full bodied. The longer the coffee is cooked, the stronger it will be, and the fruity and tangy aromas will disappear.e.


La Brûlerie Jacques Cartier is a small family-owned artisanal roasting business located in Shannon, QC. We have been open since 2011 and our café is an exception to the rule. Our coffee is roasted directly in our store, which ensures that it is always fresh. We've created homemade blends that burst in your mouth that you just couldn't do without. We look forward to helping you discover cafes around the world..


La Brûlerie Jacques Cartier is an artisanal roasting house in the heart of downtown Shannon. It brings together in a friendly atmosphere lovers of good coffee and other bon vivant who come from everywhere to have a good time.

Brûlerie Jacques Cartier is an artisan roaster where you breathe in the aroma of coffee beans offered in bulk before being ground to measure. A family business that transforms green coffee for consumption. The roasting method is a delicate art of exposing the beans to high heat until the desired aroma, flavor and color are achieved.sirées.

Quantity: 340 g

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