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François Lambert

Rosemary, Sage & Basil Room Mist - Ephemeral Edition

Rosemary, Sage & Basil Room Mist - Ephemeral Edition

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Awaken your senses and bring a touch of harmony to your interior with our Rosemary, Sage and Basil Room Mist. Discover a rich and invigorating scent, a subtle blend of rosemary, sage and basil, which will transform your living space into a haven of peace.

A sensory journey in the heart of nature 🍃

In a single gesture, this ambient mist leaves a refreshing and soothing scented veil. Rosemary, with aromatic and woody notes, blends perfectly with sage for a slightly spicy scent. Basil completes this bouquet with a touch of freshness.

A mist that respects your environment 🏠

Our room mist is designed with care and respect for your home. Spray it on your fabrics, without fear of damaging them. It delicately perfumes your curtains, sofas, linens and helps create a welcoming atmosphere.

Well-being at your fingertips ✨

Easy to use, this ambient mist is the ideal ally for a moment of relaxation. A few pressures are enough to diffuse a relaxing scent and create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

The choice of authenticity 🌱

Choosing our room mist means choosing an authentic product, respectful of the environment and made with love. It brings a note of freshness and well-being, for a home that suits you.

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Chantale Isabel
Erreur de commande

Je n’ai pas reçu le bon, j’ai reçu tomate et cassis à la place mais je l’aime bien!