Arsène Lupine - The Hollow Needle

Arsène Lupine - The Hollow Needle

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From: Maurice Leblanc
Publisher: The Quick Look Editions
Release date : 2021-04-26

Wakes from their sleep by strange noises, Raymonde from
Saint-Véran and his cousin discover to their horror the
Count of Gesvre, unconscious. In cold blood, Raymonde
grabs a gun and shoots the figure away, which collapses
Under the hit. However, the individual remains untraceable and nothing
appears to have been stolen. The event has everything to awaken the
curiosity of Isidore Beautrelet, high school prodigy, who promises to
to untie the enigma at all costs.

In this investigative novel of thrilling intrigue and
mysteries of the kings of France, follow in the footsteps of Arsène Lupine,
master of disguises.

The hero who inspired the resounding

Maurice Leblanc, born in 1864 and died in 1941, is a novelist
Frenchman who made his fame with the adventures of Arsène
Lupine. Bringing together more than 17 novels and 39 short stories, this
work has carved out a place for itself in the literary classics in
over time.

Format: Soft
ISBN: 978-2-89814-355-7
Number of pages : 256 pages