Chocolat noir Amango

Amango Cacao - 85% dark chocolate

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Organic and fair trade dark chocolates.

Made in Montreal.

From bean to bean to bar tablet.r”).

35g bar of dark chocolate 70 cocoa from the ECOOKIM cooperative, Ivory Coast. 

Ingredients: cocoa, maple sugar, cocoa butter


Why choose Amango Cacao chocolates?

We opted for dark chocolate made from certified organic cocoa beans. This means that the beans are grown and produced in an environmentally friendly way, according to strict organic farming standards.All of the other ingredients that make up Amango Cacao brand chocolates - such as cane sugar and cocoa butter are also sourced from of organic farming. Choosing organic chocolate means opting for quality chocolate whose taste remains unique and authentic.ique.

Fairtrade products allow farmers in developing countries to earn what they deserve for their work, under appropriate working conditions. Choosing fair trade chocolates from the Amango Cacao brand is helping to offer producers a better quality of life. Our chocolates are made from beans purchased directly from the families of planters in Côte d'Ivoire at fair prices..

Cocoa beans have unique flavor profiles shaped by climate, soil,
elevation, genetics and harvesting practices. That we make a chocolate
of single origin, infusion or inclusion, our creative inspiration begins with the flavor of the bean so that every bar tastes new, fresh and interesting. Our Chocolates are rich in cocoa and therefore in antioxidants and are naturally designed to promote healthy eating.e.