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Recette de Limonade au Sumac Vinaigrier : Un Rafraîchissement Unique pour l'Été

Sumac lemonade

This lemonade is most refreshing in hot weather! And costs nothing to do:)

You will certainly find vinegar makers near you, they are everywhere in Quebec. It is even considered a weed because it reproduces.

But vinegar casseroles are delicious in a number of ways. We know sumac well, this slightly acidic seasoning that is found a lot in Lebanese cuisine, among others.

Well today we offer it to you in lemonade.

The casseroles should be picked before they get too dark, however.

Here is the recipe for a refreshing summer drink.


  • 4 vinegar casseroles
  • 4 liters of water
  • Maple syrup
  • ice cubes


  1. Fluff the casseroles of vinegar and let them macerate in water for 24 hours, stirring from time to time;
  2. Filter everything to keep the aromatic and slightly pink water;
  3. In a shaker, mix the water obtained with 1 tbsp. tablespoon of maple syrup and a few ice cubes;
  4. Serve in a glass with ice and enjoy.

You could also add alcohol of your choice.

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Pourquoi faut-il récolter les cônes avant qu’ils ne soient de couleur foncée svp?


Après avoir trouvé un vinaigrier lors de ma marche de santé, j’ai essayé la recette. Tout simplement WOW avec une goutte de sirop.

Stephane Carrier

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