Crispy pork cutlet

Very easy to make with what you have on hand, this crispy breaded pork cutlet recipe will appeal to the whole family.

You can also make the recipe with veal or chicken cutlets, to taste.

Makes 4 servings.



  1. Tender the cutlets well;
  2. Combine egg and milk on a plate;
  3. Combine flour and spices on another plate;
  4. Dry the cutlets well with paper towels;
  5. Dip the escalope in the egg and milk mixture;
  6. Dip the escalope in the flour and spice mixture;
  7. Repeat the process a second time if desired
  8. Leave in the fridge for an hour before cooking (optional);
  9. Preheat the peanut oil to high temperature;
  10. Brown the cutlets for two minutes on each side;
  11. Let stand a few minutes and serve.


This escalope goes very well with ablack air cauliflower puree. You can also grateFood Crayon seasonings above to make a tasty contrast, or to accompany the whole ofDiabo's Sticky Maple hot sauce or fromChief's mayonnaise - Samurai. 

Enjoy your lunch!

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